MVH Homecare a member of the MVH Group of companies based in Co. Antrim, have taken delivery of a two-user EuroSoft Sage50 Integrated EPOS system.  MVH Homecare were already using Sage50 Cloud Accounts so putting in our Sage EPOS solution and joining it with their Sage50 system was straightforward and painless for the client.  As a result of installing Sage50 EPOS, MVH are now able to speedily and accurately process customer-facing transactions using touch-screen technology which has resulted in significant time-savings and customers are receiving a superior service.   Two of the reasons MVH chose our EPOS solution was because it has a very friendly user interface and it also has integrated electronic signature capture, which was one of MVH’s primary requirements.

MVH Homecare Hardware Ltd. – Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, select EuroSoft’s Sage50 EPOS solution for their busy home decor and DIY store

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