Point-of-Sale, Mobile Sales and Barcode Scanning Solutions for Sage50 and Sage200

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We specialise in the development and deployment of the following business software solutions:

1. EasyRetail - a total retail management solution for specialty retailers featuring Sage50 Accounts and E-commerce integration

2. Sage POS - our EPOS solution for Sage 50 and Sage 200 Accounts

3. Barcoder250 - a barcode-driven stock management solution for Sage 50 and Sage 200 Accounts

4. Mobile250 - a mobile sales solution (for reps and vans) that integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 Accounts

Specialty retailers such as Electrical, Computer, Furniture, Lighting, Power Tools, Camera, Gift, Home-ware and DIY should take a look at our EasyRetail solution which is the ideal retail enterprise management system for your class of business. Please click the "EASYRETAIL" link on the top of this page to learn all about this this versatile, powerful software solution and how it will benefit your company.

If your business is using Sage accounting software and you are looking for an affordable, easy to use Touch EPOS system to manage your retail and/or trade counter sales then our Sage50 Point-of-Sale solution is the answer. Please click the "SAGE 50 POS" link on the top of this page for an overview of this superb system.

If you are using Sage Line 50 or Sage 200 Accounts and there is a need to manage your stock in a more efficient way using barcodes then please click on the "BARCODING FOR SAGE" link on the top of this page to find out about our Barcoder250 stock and stores management solution.

If you need a mobile sales solution for your field reps and/or van sales teams that integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 Accounts systems then we have exactly what you are looking for.

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Our mission

  • To do our very outmost to provide Irish retailers, cash & carry wholesalers and distributors with the most advanced, most reliable, best supported and cost effective business management solutions.

About EuroSoft

Established in 1989, EuroSoft Computer Systems Ltd. is a wholly owned Irish company with offices in the Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 just a few kilometres from the Dundrum exit off the M50. We are primarily a software development

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Testimonial from The Camera Centre – Dublin

“We have been using EasyRetail for over 5 years and are delighted with the way it works for our business. The system is installed in our four shops linked real-time with Head Office. I really like EasyRetail's superb Sales Dashboard feature because it allows me to view the real-time sales activity in all four shops on my office PC or on my mobile when I am out and about. We receive regular software upgrades with new enhancements that benefit our business and it also helps that EuroSoft are always willing to provide us with any special modifications that our business requires. The support we get from EuroSoft is second to none: it’s always fast, reliable and expert.”

Joe Webb - Operations Manager

Our Products / Services

Check out our full range of solutions listed below to see which one best matches your requirements

  • EasyRetail - an all-integrated point-of-sale, accounts, stock control, e-commerce and repairs management solution for specialty retail enterprises where managing deposit sales and customer collections and/or deliveries is a major requirement. The system is most suitable for the following classes of retail business: electrical and electronic appliances, computers, furniture, cameras, lighting, cycles, DIY, house & home, pram and nursery. EasyRetail is suitable for just about any class of specialty retail including those that offer repair and lab services. EasyRetail is the ideal replacement system for the Microsoft RMS system which is end-of-life in 2021.

  • Sage 50 POS - if your business is using Sage Line 50 Accounts software and you operate a retail and/or a trade counter and there is a requirement for fast integrated point-of-sale then you need look no further than our Sage 50 Point-of-Sale solution. All sale, return and payment transactions entered via Sage 50 POS are automatically posted into Sage50 in real-time to update the accounts and stock.

  • Barcoder250 Stock Management - reduce shrinkage and costly stock management errors with Barcoder 250 our easy-to-use Sage 50 and 200 compatible stock and warehouse management solution. Barcoder 250 has all the features you need to manage your entire stock control operation via barcode scanning where your Sage stock balances and sales/purchase transactions are updated in real-time by the scans. You can use Barcoder 250 to perform stock checks, to pick stock, dispatch stock, receive stock and you can even use it to create purchase orders and sales orders/invoices. The system will record serial and batch numbers where tracking is a requirement.

Barcoder250 Mobile Sales - quickly create that Sage sales order or invoice from anywhere using an Android or Apple tablet in conjunction with our Mobile Sales App. Designed for use by field sales reps and van sales operatives, BC250 Mobile facilitates order and invoice capture using a touch-screen interface and the app will still capture sales transactions even when there is no WiFi coverage available. Barcode scanning of products onto the order/invoice transaction is an integral feature of the mobile sales app. Orders and invoices are automatically uploaded into the back-office Sage accounts system.
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